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Author of - Girl Overboard, Students Across the Seven Seas Series, Penguin - coming May 2007

"Never having read one before, I had no idea that any girl-type YA novels were this well written. I liked it! Learned stuff! Good book!" Daniel Pinkwater

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Hey all! My addiction to both travel and tropical locales began on the beautiful island of Maui (MAUI NO KA OI!). I became a divemaster after doing an insane 400 Scuba dives in my first six months of bubbling away. Sunset sails, afternoon snorkels, and shark dives out of Lahaina harbor were a good way to pass the day and earn pina colada money, but after a couple of years I wanted to see some of the other reefs my divers were always talking about.

I headed to Fiji, leading tourists on dives in exchange for a place to stay, spearfishing and collecting shellfish to add to communal food supplies in the local villages. Six months of cruising around thirty or so unspoiled Fijian islands and I got a spot crewing a thirty foot sailboat heading to Australia. We sailed around the South Pacific for a few months enroute, got nailed by a cyclone and limped into Brisbane port in Queensland, Oz.

Did the "Will Dive for Food" thing up the coast, did catamaran Whitsundays tours off Airlie Beach, shared a house with skydivers and whitewater raft guides in Mission Beach on the Great Barrier Reef. Trading favors, all of us roomies spent our days off with each other dropping through the sky, riding the rapids, or diving the Great Barrier Reef, arguing over who had the best job.

When my visa to Oz ran out, I headed to the Caribbean to co-captain a sailing dive yacht, train a few dolphins, and swim with some forty-foot whale sharks, with the occasional six months taken off to dive the Pacific off the coast of Costa Rica. I also put in some time volunteering at a Honduran medical clinic as an EMT working with some incredibly talented and dedicated doctors under not the greatest conditions possible.

After all the craziness, I traded in my flippers for my laptop and am now happily landlocked in North America, having a blast with my new addiction - writing - and waiting to see how long it will take for my skin to unprune from the years on the sea.

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